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How often is the database updated?

The database is automatically updated daily. All stats are up-to-date to ensure that our est. stream ranges and follower counts are accurate. Unlike other databases, we do not automatically add playlists just because they have contact info in their description. We vet playlists based on a list of criteria to ensure that they meet our quality standards.

Our research team also finds curator info that is not easily found, giving you a better chance at finding newer curator who haven't been contacted as much. 

The best way to get in front of the new curator is to check the search tool daily! Newer lists are placed at the top of the search results.

What is a credit?

Credits will unlock the contact info & any advanced analyses available for your membership level. Your previous analyses will be stored in your own personal database here. Curators are not required to respond to you, but we have marked the likelihood of responses with our response level search filter. 

Do credits expire?

Yes, credits do expire if they go unused. Credits are given on a rolling basis (trailing daily or every 30 days depending on your membership level). Be sure to utilize all credits and analyses to get the most out of the tool and potentially start making some profits from your playlisting!

What happens if the contact info is wrong?

We do our best to keep the contact information as accurate as possible. Please be aware that playlisters are not required to reply to your inquiry, but in case the information is inaccurate we will restore your credit. Please contact here.

Do the playlists have fees?

Some may, some may not. Our tool does not focus only on free lists, but rather on the VALUE of the lists you are getting on. 

If you can get on fast growing lists, but they have a feedback fee, the more important consideration is how much can you make back from the list (whether that is from streams alone or in combination with your larger marketing strategy).

Often times artists with higher streams get better deals from sponsors, labels, partnerships, merch & ticket sales.

In short, just because a list has a feedback fee does NOT make it a bad list. Curators get thousands of submissions and need a way to compensate for their time.

That being said, we encourage you NOT to pay directly for placements, but instead try to pay for different feedback packages & the playlist curator can voluntarily place your song on their list. 

What is the profit indicator?

The profit indicator is available for Platinum & Diamond users. It uses AI assisted analysis to determine whether a playlist has the potential to earn you a profit (revenue minus any feedback fees) based on streams alone. 

Of course, not all lists will fall in the High range. Using the lists in the Medium or even Low profit indicator ranges can also help trigger the Spotify algorithm which will increase profits. 

The Growth Rate search filter and Est. Stream search filter are also very powerful to use for a comprehensive playlisting strategy.

How do you get the estimated streams?

We used a model similar to how real estate sites will come up with estimated home values by using comparables.

Our team has access to stats from hundreds of different artists on Spotify. We carefully compiled this data and analyzed it for trend markers. We've found that taking the most recent data (past 7 days) was the number one indicator for accurately predicting streams. We use this in combination with other markers to come up with the streaming estimate. 

Again, this is only an ESTIMATE and does NOT guarantee any particular amount of streams on the lists, but we try to make it as reliable as we can. 

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